25 Years and Beyond - Harris Jones Celebrates 25 Years in Recruitment

25 Years and Beyond

 28 Apr 2019



25 Years and Beyond


2018/2019 see Harris Jones celebrate its 25th anniversary. The name Harris Jones came from Amanda’s maiden name and her new married name.  Amanda remembers buying a mobile phone which was the size of a brick and a dot matrix printer that would noisily run into the early hours of the morning.  How things have changed!

Harris Jones has seen tremendous changes during this time with the job market, the growth of the internet and a fluctuating economy. During the good times and the challenging times the team always pull together and embrace the changes needed to keep ahead.

Relationship building is what the team enjoy most. When they reflect on their 25 years in business, the greatest satisfaction is the trusted relationships they have built with the clients and candidates. Having such longevity means that the team can provide the continuity of communication, knowledge and experience that is essential when you are looking to recruit – or to be recruited.

All things Richmond

Amanda was born in Princes Road, in the Alberts area of Richmond and has been a resident for the whole of her life.  Her children went to the same school as she did and still live in the borough as do the rest of her family. I think it is fair to say that Amanda champions all things local! In 2013 Amanda gained a BA (Hons) in Integrative Relational Counselling – this was another ambition of hers, given that she left school with only minimal qualifications. Amanda still works in Harris Jones but also has a counselling consultancy and a role with Relate in Richmond and as a volunteer for a local charity as a family counsellor.

Our Team and the Community

Throughout the years Harris Jones has grown a business that has a ‘family feel’. Local jobs for local talent and local talent for local companies is the core of what Harris Jones do. Their integrity and professionalism is always at the forefront of everything they do.

Their business is about people and Amanda feels that the Harris Jones team are their biggest asset. As a working mother Amanda has always felt that flexibility and work life balance is so important, and they have a culture at Harris Jones which allows the staff to get the balance right. Jacqui has worked alongside Amanda for 25 years, Angela for 20 years, Tara and Caroline for 18 years, Gemma for 8 years and Joanna for 2 years. Amanda feels that this speaks volumes about the environment that they have created and offers unrivalled continuity for the community that Harris Jones serve. Harris Jones offer a flexible working week, job share, extra holiday out of term time,  a Christmas shopping day, and a  health care package which includes a strong focus on staff wellbeing and mental health.  Their children and partners were included in their celebrations and Amanda feels very grateful  for the support they have provided to the company, over the years.

The Future

Harris Jones are updating the way they communicate by embracing social media and new online portals and platforms.  Whilst they are still very much about face to face contact and verbal communication, they realise the need to move forward with digital marketing.  You will soon be able to download the new Harris Jones Job App and connect with us on our new business Facebook page.

Amanda is very proud of what Harris Jones has achieved and looks forward to the next 25 years!


Harris Jones 25 Years




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