Why use the services of a local recruitment consultancy?  ​

Are you currently job seeking? - Why use the services of Harris Jones

 23 May 2021

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With all the options available to job hunters, it can be difficult to know the best and quickest way to finding the right job for you… 

​Harris Jones Recruitment Consultancy is a generalist agency and has been in Richmond, Surrey for 28 years. During this time we have built strong relationships with reputable,  local employers, across a wide selection of industries. We understand their unique culture and requirements and we are trusted to begin a selection process on their behalf  - this means that we have jobs that are not even advertised on job boards.

Currently, we have a number of exciting opportunities within a variety of industries, including;  hospitality, photography & digital imagery, conference & events, healthcare, accountancy and many more.  Our current positions include customer services, event planning and management, office management, sales, administration, executive and personal assistants and reception, both on a temporary and permanent basis.  

We specialise in filling job opportunities in South West London and surrounding areas.  Our consultancy service for candidates is completely free. No hidden costs, no fees, a FREE local service for job seekers.

But, why use a local consultancy rather than just apply to jobs directly?

We often have more than one role that matches your skills and experience…..

We will contact you, in response to receiving your application, to understand what you are looking for in your next role and inform you about the exciting opportunities we have available or coming up. We will invite you to meet with us for a consultation and gain an understanding of what you are looking for. We can advise you on preparing a CV and interview preparation and we will listen to what type of company interests you, verify the location you would like to be based in and match your needs to the requirements of our clients.​

You will receive feedback throughout the process….

We will recommend you to positions, you advised us, that you are interested in. You will receive a full job description, company information and details of location, enabling you to make an informed decision as to whether you wish to be considered for an opportunity. As a consultancy, we will give you feedback directly from our client on your CV and interview, unlike when you send your CV directly to an exciting job opportunity, only never to hear back on your application.

We can speculatively approach companies on your behalf…

If we do not have an immediate position that is suited to your skills, experience or requirements, we will keep your details on file and contact you when a suitable vacancy arises.  Sometimes, we may know of a company that may be interested in talking to you, even before they have a job opportunity.

We can provide an opportunity to earn an income whilst looking for a permanent job….

If you are unsure about what type of role you want, or planning some travel or other event we can also provide you with some temporary work. This could be for 1 day or 1 year and is a great way to experience different companies and industries, whilst interviewing for permanent roles or as a stop gap in between commitments.

Graduates and Students…  

We have many students who come to us when they leave college or university, who often get their first job through us.  A number of them also come to us each year, during their holidays, to temp and gain invaluable skills and experience. All we ask is that you have at least 6 months office experience initially and we can then run with things from there.

Looking for flexible working?

We have part time positions as well as full time positions, we have even filled a position recently that offered a one bedroom flat as a benefit.

 To summarise, the benefits of utilising a local recruitment consultancy:

  • Access to positions that are not yet advertised
  • Feedback from job applications and interviews in person or on the phone
  • Free consultation and ongoing service with CV, interview advice and tips
  • Temporary and Contract work available
  • Fantastic career opportunities – full-time and part-time
  • Dedicated consultants working to find you a job
  • Local opportunities without the need to commute

If you are looking to work locally, then please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you and to assist with your search for work.. 

You can apply to a vacancy through our website or contact us directly at jobs@harrisjones.co.uk


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