Helping the Vineyard Community Centre this Christmas

Helping the VCC this Christmas


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Helping the Vineyard Community Centre this Christmas



This year, Harris Jones have decided to donate to the Vineyard Community Centre instead of giving out Christmas gifts and cards.


As you may know, the Vineyard Community Centre relies on grants, donations and the income from their shop and café to enable them to provide their services to homeless and vulnerable people. Every year they have a big fundraising target and this year is no exception! Christmas is a key moment in the year when a lot of people give money to charities and we also want to seize this opportunity to support their work. It is tragic to see so many people still sleeping rough on the streets of Richmond. But together we can make a real difference, helping people off the streets and saving lives.


The VCC run on a very tight budget – using donated food and supported by a wonderful crew of volunteers – but they still have to fundraise to cover the costs of their work – particularly the professional work, including the nurse, the case work, the Roots employment support and all the others which help people to move on from crisis situations. At Harris Jones, we have decided to donate to this project instead of sending gifts and cards.


May we take this opportunity of thanking you all sincerely for your continued support of Harris Jones and wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


With our warmest wishes,

The team at Harris Jones


To find out more about the Vineyard Community Centre, or to find out how to make a donation, please click here.



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