Prepare well – find out as much as possible about the company before the interview; consider the skills and experience required for the job and be prepared to demonstrate how you match up to these requirements.

  • Dress appropriately – it is better to be over-dressed than under-dressed
  • Arrive at your destination early and your appointment on time
  • Be positive when asked about your journey
  • Actively listen
  • Respond concisely and positively
  • Show initiative by asking questions
  • Enjoy the experience
  • Eye contact – immediate upon meeting interviewer; relaxed & appropriate throughout
  • Hand Shake – firm
  • Pace of Movement – ‘mirror’ the interviewer
  • Seating position – upright; leaning forward to indicate interest
  • Posture – comfortable and open; remain within own territory
  • Facial expressions – warm and genuine
  • Hand gestures – open and non-threatening

Interview Questions to Ask the Employer

– How would you describe a typical week/day in this position?
– How many people work in this office/department?
– What is the typical work week? Is overtime expected?
– What are the prospects for growth and advancement?
– Are there any examples?
– If I am extended a job offer, how soon would you like me to start?
– When can I expect to hear from you?


Interview Questions NOT to Ask

– What does this company do? (Do your research ahead of time!)
– If I get the job when can I take time off for vacation? (Wait until you get the offer to mention prior commitments)
– Can I change my schedule if I get the job? (If you need to figure out the logistics of getting to work don’t mention it now…)
– Did I get the job? (Don’t be impatient. They’ll let you know.)


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